Extrajudicial Assassinations

In the wake of the massacre at the Bataclan club in Paris, the French authorities quickly mobilized to track down those responsible for this act of abject terrorism. However in so doing, they acted without regard for the due process of law. They took siege of an apartment in St-Denis where the principal suspect resided, firing in excess of 5000 projectiles, whereby all 3 occupants were killed.


Nothing about this operation suggests that the authorities had any intention of apprehending the suspects. Rather, the agents involved shot to kill. The suspects were surrounded but there is no evidence they were ever given an opportunity to surrender. The third suspect, who has yet to be identified, may have been involved in the terrorist plot, or may have simply known the suspects, or may have been a hostage himself.


Unfortunately, given the highly emotional context of these events, few questions will be asked and, over time, the page will be turned on this operation. We are all easily reassured that these actions were skillfully planned and necessary to effectively wage the war on terrorism. However, more should be expected of our political leaders who cloak themselves in liberal and democratic values. Whether it be Ben Laden, Khadafy, Mesrine, or countless other casualties of secret drone attacks, extrajudicial assassinations should never be tolerated.